Building a winning family through service and innovation.

ONQ is a fundamentally different type of RCM partner.

The Executive Team has extensive experience in Revenue Cycle Management with direct experience purchasing and managing RCM outsourcing and support services.

Leadership Team

ONQ believes in providing a personalized approach. Our leadership team includes former billing company owners, seasoned business executives with decades of experience in revenue cycle management and healthcare technology, and individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their area of responsibility, several of whom started with ONQ on day one. Our goal is to be your partner, get in the trenches with you, and watch you succeed. This leadership team embodies our core values and helps drive the ONQ culture throughout the organization.

Jack McBride

Chief Executive Officer

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Sean D. Hammerle

Sean D. Hammerle

Chief Operating Officer

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Alan Nottingham

Alan Nottingham

Chief Financial Officer

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Edwin Cuc

Chief Information Officer

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Paulo E. Santos

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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Edith Alvarez

Edith Alvarez

Vice President of Operations

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Caitlin Morvidelli

Caitlin Morvidelli

Vice President of Finance and Administration

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Lucas Fuentes

Vice President of Training and Development

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JuanCa Correa

Senior Director of
Client Services

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Aydee Riera

RCM Director of Billing Operations

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Asira Seixas

Asira Seixas

RCM Director of
Accounts Receivable

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Reinaldo Gordon

RCM Director of Patient Services

Yara Infante

Director of Knowledge Management

Armando Lee

Director of Robotic Process Automation

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Patricia Ferran

Associate RCM Director of Billing Operations

Ayescka Ramos

Associate RCM Director of Accounts Receivable

Al Yap

Associate RCM Director of Patient Services

Lourdes Fonseca

Associate Director of Sales and Marketing

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Jose Juarez

Manager, Information Technology

Our unique perspective allows us to deliver solutions designed to:

  • Maximize customer value

  • Collaborate with customers to develop inventive solutions

  • Provide the highest level of support and service

  • Perform services with 100% transparency
Why use ONQ to outsource medical billing services? We have good processes.

Social Responsibility

ONQ Social Responsibility: Do you wonder about ONQ and medical billing? We will not only help you, we will be a family.
We love medical billing


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