BOT Monitoring

ONQ assigns human resources that run the bots and open internal tickets if the bot platform cannot work. Bots utilize the UiPath Studio as the “programming bot platform.” Our bot monitoring team ensures that the bot platform is running. If the bot platform breaks, the bot monitor opens internal programming support tickets to ensure the UiPath programming platform overcomes these issues.

What is rpa? Robotic Process Automation

We ensure that the bots (UiPath program) are turned “on” and run within the set schedule provided by the client.

  • We restart the bot automation process (programming bot platform) when necessary.
  • We open internal tickets to troubleshoot further why a bot (programming bot platform) is showing errors.
  • Review log file to ensure data is being recorded

Auditing the bots’ work (business logic)
is not included.


Once these changes are communicated to us, the automation will be updated by theRPA programming team.

The monitor identifies program execution errors(not logic workflow process errors), and the bot monitor opens an internal ticket to fix these errors.

 A: IF the client agrees to bot monitoring charges, ONQ assigns developers to work on the fixes, and no fee is charged.

B: IF NO bot monitoring is provided, the client pays hourly rates on time spent updating and fixing the automation.

Once identified, the ONQ RPA programming team will correct these mistakes.