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Do automations run on schedules? Can these schedules be a custom setup?2023-01-30T09:31:47-05:00


ONQ schedules are customized by our clients and partners, to accommodate into their existing process workflow.

What is the timeframe that the client and their staff members are required to allocate to this process and what is the general flow?2023-01-30T09:31:54-05:00

There will be a one-time video conference meeting where the required information is presented by your team to our team.

This creates the scope which outlines each step that kick starts the project.

The usual timeframe is approximately 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the clients needs.

This meeting is recorded to ensure all details of the meeting are collected, documented and developed for the Process Design Document (PDD).

This document is the blueprint outline that will be implemented for automation.

This is ONQ’s general flow process:

  • Project kickoff call with both teams
  • Scope: gathering all necessary requirements
  • PDD: Development and blueprint of automation
  • Programming of PDD
  • Internal Testing of automation and Client Validation
  • Activation and Deployment of automation
What does your RPA support team look like?2023-01-30T09:32:02-05:00

At ONQ, our RPA team is comprised of experienced programmers and business analysts that come from Revenue Cycle operations.

Our group consists of a team of collaborators working on a multitude of RPA related projects which contribute to potential job reallocation and even job creation.

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How Will RPA Affect the Human Workforce?2023-01-30T09:32:10-05:00

RPA is much more likely to contribute to potential job reallocation and even job creation than it is to reduce headcount.

It will improve the features, functions, and performance of products, as well as optimize internal business operations.

By automating tasks, “Up skill” comes into play.

Now, ONQ’s collaborators invest their time into learning new, higher value skills.

Why do I need to implement RPA processes for my business?2023-01-30T09:32:18-05:00

By implementing an RPA process with ONQ, you are investing in your business’ future. Employee satisfaction, improved accuracy, efficiency, and an enhanced customer service experience.

  1. ONQ’s clients are reporting considerable cost savings and quality attributes to our RPA processes.
  2. According to research by Deloitte, intelligent automation is proven to cut business process costs by 25% to 40% on average.
  3. ONQ’s Qbots are instantly scalable.
  4. Workforce knowledge stays where it belongs: in your business!  Frequently, when an employee walks out the door, so does a vast amount of company knowledge.  Since bots never leave, your process knowledge stays where it belongs – within your company!
  5. At ONQ, all processes are detailed and reported.  Every bot process is fully documented and easy to understand through visual flowcharting.  Whenever a process is modified, it is done through the flowcharts, so it is always in sync with what is truly happening within your organization.
  6. Gartner research has found that the average amount of avoidable rework in accounting departments can take up to 30% of a full-time employee’s overall time. This equates to a savings of 25,000 hours per year for an organization with 40 full-time accounting employees.
  7. The research from ABBYY Digital IQ provider has found that companies that adopt an RPA process, showed an improved efficiency rate of 55%, surpassing the competition and, increasing the market share of 52%.  It also included  revenue growth of 52% with a productivity gain of 44% and, a successful business transformation of 40%.
How much does it cost?2023-01-30T09:32:24-05:00

ONQ is dedicated to seeing your business succeed with a positive return on your investment.

Prior to building an automation, our committed teams at ONQ work with you to fully scope the project.

Collecting, recording and analyzing this information, our dedicated ONQ team is able to estimate the number of hours the project will take and provide you with a cost.

ONQ administers customized pricing structures catered to meet your needs that also include the following:

  • Fee per successful transaction.
  • Subscription Fee based on a block of automations.
  • Time & material pricing based on our development team’s hourly rates.
Is this a truly automated solution?2023-01-30T09:32:46-05:00

The solution leverages ONQ’s RPA technology to customize a program for your business process logic.

This automation works through the decision tree, that is analyzed through the data, and collected pertaining to your business.

This allows ONQ to apply this data to enable us to discover and perform the work accordingly.

Once the automation is built, it operates on a custom schedule.

ONQ offers our Qbot monitoring service to complement the automations, monitor all processes, and detect any anomalies that may be caused by third party system changes.

ONQ immediately addresses and updates your custom solution within 48 hours, ensuring the workflow is uninterrupted and operated – as it was designed to do.

How accurate are these automations?2023-01-30T09:32:59-05:00

These automations are 100% accurate based on the logic that is provided by the company.

How fast can ONQ deploy an automation solution?2023-01-30T09:33:11-05:00

ONQ’s timeframe is dependent on the scope of the project; we typically average six to nine weeks after the automation environment is setup.

Can you program these for non-RCM related activities?2023-01-30T09:33:23-05:00

Yes, ONQ can develop custom automations to assist you in other areas of your business.

Are you SOC compliant?2023-05-23T15:28:15-05:00

We currently have a SOC 2 Type 1 report for compliance purposes: our SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance report will be available in Q3 of 2023.

How do you handle PHI?2023-02-02T18:56:45-05:00

We do not save/store PHI in our offices nor on our computer workstations nor on other electronic devices. We augment our client’s existing data infrastructure to access resources with potential PHI.

Please share more details regarding ONQ training program(s).2023-02-02T18:56:15-05:00

ONQ’s training program for new hires extends 6 weeks and is divided into 2 sections.

The first 3 weeks of training include general Medical Billing training in the following topics:

  • US Healthcare Training
  • General Revenue Cycle Management Training
  • HIPAA Compliance Training
  • Confidentiality Training
  • Customer Service Training

The second section of training is client-specific training in which agents learn client-specific rules and guidelines for the task(s) each individual will perform.

ONQ is extremely proud of our training program as our agents end the program with a very clear understanding of the US healthcare system, and they learn the skills needed to successfully perform the assigned task(s).

Is there a minimum team size?2023-02-02T18:54:57-05:00

Yes, ONQ requires a minimum of 5 FTE agents to provide service to any customer.

What time zone do your agents work?2023-02-02T18:54:07-05:00

ONQ standard operating hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 8:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST), UTC -6.  ONQ provides flexible scheduling for specific customer needs.

ONQ RPA teams provide services Monday through Friday, 24 hours per day, including holidays.

Do you offer Quality Assurance?2023-02-02T18:53:25-05:00

Yes, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance team. Agents are audited on a weekly basis and ONQ shares QA results with our customers.

What is the length of your contract?2023-02-02T18:52:42-05:00

Our Service Agreements start with a 90-day probationary period. If a customer wishes to continue, the term of the contract will continue for an additional 21 months and renew every 24 months, thereafter.

What is “included” in the fee charged for labor services?2023-02-02T18:52:10-05:00

1. Initial training, including:

  • HIPAA Compliance Training
  • Confidentiality Training
  • U.S. Healthcare Industry Training
  • General Revenue Cycle Management Training
  • Customer Service Trainin

2. Computer workstations with computers, monitors, keyboard and mouse, and headset

3. Microsoft Teams and Office365 Software.

How do you charge for your agents?2023-02-02T18:50:55-05:00

Service agreement fee terms are negotiable, of course.  ONQ generally charges a “monthly fee” per agent.

Do we get discounts during ramp up?2023-02-02T18:50:26-05:00

We provide a 50% discount during the training period. For labor outsourcing, an additional discount is provided during ramp-up times.

What is the ramp up time?2023-02-02T18:49:35-05:00

ONQ provides an initial 3-week training program focused on US Healthcare. After completing the initial 3 weeks of training, agents begin client-specific training. Depending on the assigned client task and the experience of the agent, additional training/ramp-up time extends 2-6 weeks.

AR and Billing Ops tasks have detailed ramp-up time schedules that include KPIs for various levels of training.

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