Sean D. Hammerle

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Sean D. Hammerle, Chief Operating Officer, ONQ

A Podcast featuring Sean D. Hammerle, who is the company’s Chief Operating Officer and an award-winning motivational leader and speaker. We had the pleasure of being on hand back in June of 2022 when Sean was awarded the title of Best Contact Center Executive at The Contact Center World Awards in Orlando, Florida. The win came as no surprise—Sean is one of the most authentic, engaging, and hilarious people we’ve ever met. And he brings a very specific, genuine, and personal element to his leadership, which is incredible when you consider he leads 600 employees across three countries! We discuss Sean’s journey as an openly gay executive navigating new cultures, the importance of building a culture of family at your business, mentoring employees even when you know they’re going to leave, and so much more. It’s a wide-ranging conversation you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive in!

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