Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day Weekened, QFamily Partners! 

I am sure that some of you will be reading this after you return from a well-deserved four-day weekend, and I hope that this holiday is a good one for everyone. ONQ will be closed Monday in recognition of US Memorial Day, so our employees will enjoy a three-day weekend as well!

As the world moves to a more vaccinated population, Panama continues to see a decline in new cases and deaths. May saw several days with zero deaths reported. Because Panama relies on delivery of the vaccine from other countries and especially through the World Health Organization COVAX program, we are still less than 10% vaccinated. To date, a total of 987,818 dosis have been adminstered with 7.8 of the population fully vaccinated (having received two doses.)

According to last night’s report by the Ministry of Health (MINSA), Panama’s numbers have risen to 375,282, with 6,357 deaths. Some provinces, including Veruguas were ONQ is headquartered, saw a recent spike in numbers and are facing earlier curfews and Sunday quarantines.

The Biggest Family in Panama continues to grow and we last Friday we welcomed 32 new people to the QFamily. This week, 37 new trainees started their medical billing journey, which puts us at 77 current trainees! 

Our next ONQ-U  will be held Wednesday, June 23 and Saturday, June 26. If you are interested in volunteering to be a guest professor, click here! I continually boast about our continuing education program, and our clients’ involvement helps to make our ONQ-U program the best in our industry! What better way to meet and interact our employees than to work directly with them through our virtual ONQ-U?

As the summer months months in the US get closer, I have had clients express interest in visiting Panama. We have already had one client visit and we are ready to entertain more! Just let me know if you need any more information. 

I hope to see some of you at Texas RBMA next week! If you are attending, don’t miss my session: “The I’s and E’s of MOTIVATE: Conquering the Challenges of Introverts and Extroverts Working Remotely!” And the third week of May, our CEO Jack McBride will be at Tennessee HFMA. Make sure to attend his session: ” The Value of RPA in Revenue Cycle.”

Again, and as always, we are hoping for you and your loved ones’ safety and well-being. Stay safe out there!