What is DPC?

ONQ’s Data Processing Center (DPC) is a data cleaning and structuring tool that accepts data files in various formats (txt, xlsx, csv, etc.). This proprietary technology combines data scrubbing, robotics process automation (RPA), visual business intelligence reporting (BI), and an intuitive user interface to clean “dirty” data files and deliver it in a clean, structured format.

ONQ’s business is to support our clients’ medical billing processes easier to manage by dealing with complexities and reducing errors.

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This software does the following:

i. Receives files in various formats

ii. Scrubs the data for validity based on predefined rules (example: missing customer name, illogical date of birth, incorrect zip codes, etc.)

iii. Maps freeform fields to standardized fields for processing (example: Klein County, Klien County, Cline Cty all map to a standardized “KLEIN CTY”)

iv. Tracks, maintains, and processes custom automation requests with multiple sources (example: HRSA COVID-19 temporary ID requests)

v. Produces tables and files for electronic/API delivery or for bots to perform various tasks:

1. Verification checks, customer information lookup, rate lookups, etc.
2. Data entry into processing systems (ERP, accounting, billing, etc)
3. Data gathering for reporting purposes

Manages and tracks bot activities for reportingand further actions:

i. Successfully worked – Reported as success

ii. Unable to work 

1. Reasons gathered and analyzed
2. Mapped to other automated activities for bots to work
3. Sent to the user interface for human interaction

Power BI reporting provides in-depth insights intoall activities and flows

Why DPC?

1. It can import, scrub, process, and deliver clean data in high-volume environments.

2. It organizes, maintains, and manages complex processes in a simplified manner

3. It significantly reduces errors and turnaround times, enabling staff to focus on higher value activities.