As temperatures continue to soar this summer in some parts of the US, hospitals and medical practices are experiencing a surge in patient admissions due to heat-related illnesses.

This season will be one of the hottest on record and poses unique challenges for the healthcare industry.

The impact of this extreme heat event comes when the industry is still dealing with COVID cases and at a time when many employees are trying to fit in one last family vacation before the school year begins again. The effects of the heat wave are significant. 

Patient Overcrowding: Emergency rooms and urgent care clinics have been inundated with patients seeking medical attention for heat-related issues. A significant percentage of admissions are directly related to the soaring temperatures. 

Increasing Heat-Related Illnesses: Data shows a concerning year-over-year increase in the number of heat-related illnesses and emergency department visits in the US. As global warming intensifies, the strain on the healthcare system becomes more pronounced. 

Patient Handling: The rising number of heat-related cases demands extra attention from medical healthcare staff. Dealing with heat-induced conditions can be physically and emotionally draining for the personnel involved who are all battling heat exposure themselves. 

Back-end Office Administration: Hospitals, clinics, and medical practices are grappling with additional administrative burdens. Billing, insurance processing, and paperwork can become overwhelming during a period of high patient surges. 

Financial Burden: The increased patient load and additional maintenance expenses add up to a significant financial burden on healthcare facilities. It is estimated that rising global temperatures and extreme heat cost healthcare approximately $1 billion each summer. 


As the industry faces these challenges, it is increasingly imperative to seek support solutions that can alleviate pressure on both staff and operations.

ONQ offers valuable assistance to healthcare facilities, providing specialized tools and staff support services that help streamline patient care and administrative processes during demanding times. 

To ensure optimal patient care and relieve the burden on healthcare staff, it is crucial to implement supportive solutions that can navigate through this unprecedented situation. By taking proactive steps and utilizing innovative support systems, practices can tackle the heat and continue to provide quality medical services to those in need. Click here to learn more about ONQ’s solutions

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