Outsourcing Patient Calls?
Here’s What to Look for in a Call Center.

Outsourcing patient calls can be a smart decision, especially if you want to give your practice a professional face while increasing the productivity of your in-house staff. There are challenges in finding the right call center for your needs, however, and perhaps the biggest challenge is finding a call center that will serve your needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few things you should look for when choosing a patient services call center.

1. Find a Call Center in Your Time Zone

Choosing a patient service call center in your time zone is critical for giving your patients the best level of care. Staff members will be able to assist your patients without worries of conflicting times. For instance, a call center in the same time zone as your practice will offer representatives who greet callers correctly per the time of the day. These little things can make a big difference for your practice.

ONQ Contact Center is conveniently located in Panama, Central America. We have been operating successfully since 2013 as we continue to expand every year.

2. Look for Bilingual Representatives

When outsourcing your patient calls, it’s beneficial to leverage a call center with representatives who speak both English and Spanish. While most of your patients likely speak English, you could quite possibly have a base of patients who are Spanish speaking. Offering representatives who speak both can only benefit your practice.

3. Use a Call Center Specializing in Healthcare

When looking for a call center partner to support patient calls, it’s important to find one with extensive experience in healthcare. For example, ONQ call center feature senior level healthcare executives operating daily in our operation, shaping our training programs and working with our teams on a daily basis.

Here at ONQ, we are proud to offer a call center in Panama, Central America. We are in the same time zone as you while also offering representatives who are experienced in healthcare. In addition, our representatives speak both English and Spanish.

Contact us to learn more about getting started with our call center, contact ONQ today.


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