ONQ is pleased to announce a new software that incorporates Robotics Process Automation Control Center and Business Intelligence. Data Processing Center, DPC is a proprietary software created by ONQ’s automation team, including efforts from our clients and partners, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

DPC was awarded Contact Center World’s 2022 Best Technology Innovation and we are proud to be able to offer solutions to Hospitals, RCM Groups, Laboratories, Large Medical Groups and Clinics.

The following are a few benefits of this software:
> DPC/RPA is doing the work of >200 employees
> Scalable Virtual Infrastructure
>  Over 100 Bot Process Built
>  Over 120 Bot Machines in the Cloud
>  Global Staff of Bot Monitors & Developers
>  Coverage 24/7
>  Visual BI insights in near real time
>  Automated skipped routing and handling
>  Same day turnaround time!

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