Orlando, Florida – July 7, 2023 – ONQ, a leading contact center and customer experience solutions provider, is proud to announce its outstanding achievements at the 18th Annual Next Generation Contact Center and CX Best Practices in the Americas event, held June 17 through 29, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.  

For the third consecutive year, ONQ emerged victorious, winning in all five nominated categories in the competition for the Americas region! 

ONQ clinched the titles of “Best Contact Center” and “Best in Customer Service,” reaffirming the company’s commitment to excellence and its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Three ONQ employees also received individual recognition: 

  • Vice President of Operations Edith Alvarez was honored with the “Best Contact Center Operations Manager” award for her exemplary leadership and operational expertise.  
  • Vice President of Training and Development Lucas Fuentes won “Best Contact Center Trainer,” highlighting his exceptional abilities to empower and guide contact center professionals.  
  • Chief Operations Officer Sean D. Hammerle received the distinguished accolade of “Best Contact Center Executive (Leadership),” for the strategic prowess with which he commands the ONQ helm. 

In addition to these five nominated awards, ONQ was also recognized with two Industry Champion Awards. These coveted honors are presented to the companies that receive the most votes from the contact center community, with only one winner per country. COO Sean Hammerle was recognized as the “Individual Industry Champion,” and ONQ received the prestigious “Company Industry Champion” title. These awards are a testament to ONQ’s significant impact on the industry and continuous pursuit of excellence.  

The QFamily was perhaps most ecstatic to receive the “DREAM Team Award.” The DREAM acronym represents Develop, Reward, Energize, Appreciate, and Motivate, principles that the unique ONQ corporate culture has long embraced.  

Expressing gratitude and humility, the ONQ team acknowledged the honors. “We are thrilled by the recognition,” said Hammerle. “These awards are particularly meaningful because no one understands our work quite like other industry professionals.” He also gave a big nod to his organization. “While three members of our company received individual honors, the reality is that every single member of our QFamily contributes to the culture and work ethic that earned us these accolades. These awards belong to them!” 

ONQ eagerly anticipates the global award ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal, November 13 through 16, 2023, where they will compete with other regional winners from around the world. 

About ONQ: ONQ is a leading provider of contact center and customer experience solutions, dedicated to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to businesses worldwide. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to nurturing their employees, ONQ continues to shape the industry through their dedication, leadership, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. 

The QFamily continues to build a winning family through service and innovation!  Learn more about the QFamily. 👉🏽 

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