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ONQ offers hospital revenue Cycle Management support

Patient Services Call Center

ONQ is the first company founded by experienced healthcare executives, specifically dedicated to addressing the needs of physician groups, hospitals, and billing companies.

Global Labor Outsourcing

ONQ is committed to reshaping the way that labor outsourcing is delivered by providing a personalized, service-driven approach to healthcare.

Robotic Process Automation

Every business aims to enhance quality and reduce costs, particularly when it comes to labor-intensive and manual tasks. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) accomplishes precisely that – it is fast, accurate, reliable, and consistent. Our RPA solutions are developed by RCM experts.

QlearView Analytics

A proprietary Business Intelligence tool has been developed specifically for managing billing operations. Finally, there is a process control BI platform created by billing executives for billing executives.

Why Trust ONQ?

In the ever-evolving realm
of healthcare, the importance
of identifying the right partner
is crucial.

Partnerships / Memberships

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Comments from our Partners!

Comments from our Partners!

“I want to thank each and every one of you for all you do. This week was the first time since I have worked at this organization that we took 100% of the calls presented to us… this is a great accomplishment! This could never happen without the great partnership that we have with ONQ and their staff in Panama. Thank you all so much and everyone should get a pat on the back for a job well done!”
Patient Services Manager, National Billing Company

“When ONQ is mentioned, three words come to mind: expertise, committed and effective.  I’ve had experience with other outsourcing vendors and when I compare ONQ to their competitors in the market, they rise to the top because they demonstrate results. The support that ONQ provides their internal staff fosters professional growth which allows their partners to be supported in a way not found elsewhere. ONQ is a true business partner and I would recommend anyone to use their patient services call center. Given the choice, I would choose ONQ again.”

Senior Operations Manager, National Radiology Billing Company

Managing a large and growing Anesthesia Group requires planning, flexibility and dedication. As our group continues significant growth, I needed a partner that could support and scale with our billing operation. I was referred to ONQ by a colleague who had worked with a variety of vendors and recommended ONQ. We began our relationship with ONQ by assigning a few simple billing tasks. We have since expanded well beyond those tasks into much more complex billing work and grown a team of Patient Services Call Center agents to assist our patients. I have found a partner with a shared approach… planning, flexibility and dedication.

ONQ is continuously working with our team ensure we are staffed appropriately, the quality is up to our high standards and they are prepared to support growth or changes in the business. I couldn’t be happier. ONQ acts as a true extension of our business and is an excellent partner.

Director of Revenue Cycle Management, National Anesthesia Billing Company

“When we began our partnership with ONQ we had extremely high expectations related to customer service. What we were not expecting was the depth of knowledge of medical billing that each agent possesses. This detailed knowledge of billing, coupled with ONQ’s focus on service, has made all the difference. Because ONQ understand billing at all levels, from the agent to the executive team, they appreciate what is at stake where patient satisfaction is concerned and are committed to our success. This is a great partnership!”

Vice President of Technology, National Billing Company

“ONQ’s approach to outsourcing is refreshing. Their personal experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, coupled with a college-educated workforce in a U.S. time zone creates an invaluable and seamless partnership. ”

Zaid Kazzaz, CEO

Radiology Partners Management Group

Comments from our Partners!

Comments from our Partners!


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