Happy Friday, QFamily Partners! 

According to last night’s report by the Ministry of Health (MINSA), Panama’s numbers have risen to 346,775 with 5,972 deaths. As of today, 233,365 vaccines have been administered. 

Last weekend was the first open weekend for the country. We still have a 10:00 pm curfew, but many of us are much happier now that we can leave our homes on our days off from work. 

This past Monday was International Women’s Day. ONQ celebrated this by sharing our most important female models. This week’s video presents some of those role models. Click here to view.

Today, I completed the second-week interviews with our current training class. 

I am looking forward to a more vaccinated United States and plan to visit many of you in person soon. Next month, we will have the first in-person new client training for the first time in over a year. We are looking forward to adding this new client to the QFamily and hope to use this in-person training in the post-pandemic era to plan for others to follow.

This past Tuesday marked one year since Panama’s first COVID-19 case. So many things have changed both professionally and personally. Our thoughts go out to those who lost someone due to COVID and have suffered the virus themselves. We still want everyone to remain cautious and careful as we move toward a vaccinated post-pandemic world.

With cases down, the world is slowly opening back up, and a hopeful attitude is rising. I will be changing my weekly updates to semi-monthly updates. No matter what happens, I will continue to keep you notified and up to date.

Again, and as always, we are hoping for you and your loved ones’ safety and well-being. Stay safe out there!