Happy Friday, QFamily Partners!

According to last night’s report by the Ministry of Health (MINSA), Panama’s numbers have risen to 334,463 with 5,697 deaths. MINSA is now reporting daily totals for vaccinations as well. As of today, 27,191 have received their first dose, and 3,575 have welcomed their second dose. Panama received its second shipment of vaccines this past Wednesday.

This past Tuesday saw a much more subdued Carnavales (recognized as Mardi Gras in the US). Even though the administration asked people to suspend any celebrations, the day remained a National holiday, and parties continued across the country. We are hoping that those activities do not significantly affect our infection rate. Ash Wednesday started the Lenten season, and many people, not just Catholics, give up something for the forty days. The QFamily shares some of the things that they are sacrificing for Lent in this week’s video. Click here to view.

We are already hiring for our next class that will begin on Tuesday, March 2, after assigning the current trainees to clients on March 1. Next Friday, our first graduates of 2021 will officially be welcomed to the QFamily!

ONQ-U is next week, and I want to thank you in advance for those clients how are assisting our virtual program as professors! Our team always looks forward to learning directly from guest speakers!

Again, and as always, we are hoping for you and your loved ones’ safety and well-being.

Stay safe out there!

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