Healthcare Business Review

One of the hardest-hit sectors during “the great resignation” was healthcare, a field where job burnout rose steadily in the last 12 to 18 months. This made things particularly difficult for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) staffing, which had already struggled with a high attrition rate. Needless to say, healthcare organizations are now scouring the market for methods to automate their RCM operations so their employees can focus on higher-value tasks. They are also starting to recruit offshore and nearshore talent to address these labor shortages.

Headquartered in Houston, TX with operations centers in Panama, Kenya, and India, ONQ is a technology and labor solutions provider that coalesces revenue cycle expertise, intelligent labor sourcing, robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, and actionable insights to help clients manage their revenue cycle. “Having been in our clients’ shoes, we understand how crucial it is for businesses to improve and automate their operations. With the help of a highly educated workforce and unparalleled technology, ONQ improves service levels and provides transparency in RCM to help clients succeed in their field,” says Jack McBride, CEO, ONQ.

ONQ is owned and operated by former medical billing company owners and executives. The company offers call center services, global labor outsourcing, Qbots automation, QlearView Analytics, and coding solutions to fulfill the needs of physician groups, hospitals, and billing companies. The patient services call center is run by experienced agents who interact with patients and assist them with scheduling, improve their understanding of respective physician’s role, process bills and payments, and provide education or instructions regarding customer programs and initiatives. On the labor side, the company’s global outsourcing offering assigns a team dedicated to clients’ accounts to help them improve processes, lower operating costs, and increase business productivity. The team consists of a bilingual staff (fluent in English and Spanish) with relevant experience and expertise in automation-based RCM. “We encourage clients to closely collaborate with the team. ONQ does not move employees from one account to another during an ongoing project as we understand how hard it is to invest time and money in training people only to see the vendor moving them to a new account,” assures McBride.

Furthermore, ONQ nurtures a mindset focused on automation instead of maximizing the number of people on a client’s account. ONQ’s RPA development team along with leading billing organizations have come together to leverage RPA technology to develop a solution, dubbed Qbots Automation, that turns labor-intensive and manual processes into accurate, dependable, automated tasks. Qbots Automation fulfills every medical billing step, such as insurance verification, patient demographic entry, CPT & ICD-10 coding, charge entry, claim submission, payment posting, A/R follow-up, claim rejections, and reporting. In addition, ONQ’s business intelligence platform, QlearView Analytics, allows users to view comprehensive, real-time, and intuitive insights from multiple sources associated with the medical billing process.

To date, ONQ has created several success stories that aptly demonstrate how the solutions positively impact client businesses. For instance, recently, a lab billing company required a solution to handle the volumes of claims and disparate charge information coming in a CSV/Excel format. ONQ deployed a system that standardized the format and scanned the data for names, addresses, and policy numbers, to generate files for bots to work. The bots then entered the patient data into a practice management system and logged the information into a SQL system, while alerting the system of any unsuccessful file processing.

“Having been in our clients’ shoes, we understand how crucial improved and automated operations are for a business”

To sum it up, the solution successfully aggregated the disparate charge information and automated the entire process for fast and accurate execution. In another instance, a lab billing company experiencing substantial growth was struggling without adequate staff and technical support. ONQ provided them with technology and labor solutions and acted as their software developer, designing several customized workflow and reporting solutions that successfully scaled the client’s growth.

With such impressive achievement under its belt, ONQ is focused on fostering a mindset that strives to improve the lives of both clients and the workforce. “We believe there are many people worldwide who could use more of the opportunities that ONQ provides. This belief has been a great inspiration for our growth and we will continue to expand ourselves across different countries to reach many healthcare businesses,” concludes McBride.