Welcome to our ONQ’s Call Center: ONQ’s Call Center

Patient Services Call Center

ONQ’s Call Center was designed to support patient engagement from the ground up. We treat your patients like family.

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ONQ offers hospital revenue Cycle Management support

Did You Know?

ONQ was the first company to develop a call center dedicated to the needs of physician groups, hospitals and billing companies.

Born out of our unique experience as healthcare organization executives, we built the call center around two important axioms:


It is critical to take care of patients with a service-oriented, competent associate and failure to do so has ramifications that extend beyond an upset patient.

Clinicians are constantly adding to their knowledge and tools to provide the highest level of care to their patients. Our approach seeks to mirror that objective in the one other instance a patient intersects within the revenue cycle.


Building a dedicated patient services call center from the ground up creates significant opportunity to redefine the patient experience. ONQ approaches this opportunity thinking not only about efficiency and cost savings, but what is possible and valuable from the perspective of the patient and organization. Each new opportunity shall consider:

  • Access: focus on convenience and channels.

  • Approach: the most highly skilled agents… well trained and well supported

  • Efficient: How can technology be leveraged to the benefit of all stakeholders?

  • Patient experience: What is the scope of information and support that can be offered by the agent?

  • Measurement: This critical element is too often an afterthought. By considering QA and measurement at the beginning of the engagement, you position all parties for continuous improvement.

Our teams of dedicated call center agents expertly focus on service while taking patient calls to:

RCM Billing Support: ONQ’s Call Center

Answer questions about statements
or EOB’s


Improve the patients understanding
of their bill and physician’s role

Welcome to our ONQ’s Call Center: ONQ’s Call Center

Provide patient education or instructions
for customer programs or initiatives

Assist with scheduling

Welcome to our ONQ’s Call Center: ONQ’s Call Center

Inbound/outbound calls

Bank Reconciliations

Process payments


Reduced operational costs

Quality experience for patients

Customized Reporting

Comprehensive QA Capabilities

Exceptional Account Management

Extensive training programs including HIPAA, ICD-10, systems, customer service and client corporate culture and protocols

Personalized performance metrics tracking

Patient Calls

Extensive Training

Regardless of a new employee’s experience or background, each candidate completes ONQ’s extensive training program to ensure the highest level of service is combined with an expert understanding of the US healthcare system and medical billing.

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