We are pleased to announce that, effective March 1, 2021, ONQ has entered into a Technology License and Services Agreement with ProSoftware to provide Robotics Process Automation (“RPA”) solutions. 

Human Resources Onboarding

ProSoftware provides Human Resources Onboarding (“HRO”) software to Professional Employer Organizations (“PEO”) spanning multiple industries, including healthcare. ProSoftware is a young, rapidly growing company that requires frequent updates to their software. They will initially use our RPA solutions to identify how changes they make in their software would impact several hundred clients if implemented. Future applications of our RPA technology will help them onboard new clients at a much faster rate by automating the transfer of information from legacy systems into their system.

Jack McBride; excelent medical billing skills

“We are excited to enter into this agreement with ProSoftware, a rapidly expanding, cutting-edge technology company,” said Jack McBride, CEO of ONQ.  “This agreement with ProSoftware further affirms ONQ as a trusted leader in automation technology and is another step towards our 10-year target of being a 1,000-person company that is the best in the Call Center and Automation Space by December 31, 2029.”

Jack McBride, CEO of ONQ

To learn more about ProSoftware, please visit their website prosoftware.com