HOUSTON, TEXAS – (March 27, 2014) – OnQ Operating Company is pleased to announce the launch of its premier healthcare labor outsourcing and contact center solutions. Formed in response to the demands in the healthcare market to mitigate increasing financial and regulatory pressures, shifts in delivery models, and declining reimbursements, OnQ is poised to meet these challenges by reshaping and redefining the quality of healthcare labor outsourcing.  The company’s innovative, client-focused approach provides the highest level of customer support, while improving operational effectiveness and meeting strategic goals.

“The global labor market has become increasingly important in healthcare delivery in the U.S., but buyers of global outsourced labor face significant challenges under today’s models,” says Jack McBride, CEO of OnQ Operating Company.  “These challenges include proximity to the U.S., time zone and cultural differences, and a lack of in-depth understanding of the U.S. healthcare system.  OnQ has solved these challenges by establishing operations in near-shore Panama, placing experienced U.S. healthcare executives onsite to manage operations, and building a relationship with the University of Panama to produce a top quality workforce knowledgeable in U.S. healthcare revenue cycle management.  This combination results in a high performing, accessible business partner who understands your business needs.”

OnQ’s labor outsourcing solutions combine significant industry experience and global resources to improve processes and lower operating costs.  A full suite of healthcare labor services is available to maximize effectiveness across the entire revenue cycle including coding, charge entry, demographic entry, institutional account handling, payment & adjustment manual posting, payment & adjustment electronic exceptions handling, reconciliations of payments posted to bank deposits, A/R follow up, patient services, electronic rejections, and credentialing support.

As an extension of each of its clients, OnQ understands its role as a steward of the client-patient relationship.  The way in which associates interact with patients is critical, so a rigorous interview process is conducted that allows OnQ to hire the best of the best for its Contact Center.  Associates are college-educated, bilingual in English and Spanish, and eager to provide an exceptional experience to, and on behalf of, OnQ’s clients.  OnQ works directly with the Country of Panama and the University of Panama to yield a highly motivated, intelligent workforce that receives training on the U.S. healthcare system as part of OnQ’s proprietary curriculum.

Each OnQ client is assigned their own dedicated team, so they don’t have to worry about contact center reps constantly changing.  Providing uninterrupted service is of utmost importance, so OnQ has made significant investments to provide live video access to managers and individual team members. Clients also have access to best in class real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities so they have insight into their performance.

Alan Nottingham, OnQ’s Chief Operating Officer, resides in Panama and uses his extensive healthcare and contact center experience to manage operations.  He was an integral part of the team that evaluated other possible global locations before ultimately selecting Panama.  “We wanted a highly educated labor force that thoroughly understands and values the relationship between patients, physician groups, hospitals and payors,” says Nottingham.

“Our associates in Panama satisfy this criteria and the fact that Spanish is their first or second language is an added bonus for the U.S. healthcare market where Spanish is widely spoken.”

Focus on Technology

OnQ has built its healthcare Labor Outsourcing and Contact Center solutions utilizing human and technological assets with the understanding that the patient experience can have wide-reaching impacts on the client and is geared towards a positive experience.

OnQ’s networks are managed, monitored, and secured using enterprise-grade Cisco network equipment and Cisco Certified staff.  System access, providing uninterrupted service to our clients, and operations is of utmost importance.  The system has built-in redundancy at every level of our design to support high system uptime including networks, servers, and storage.  OnQ strategically invests in systems designed to excel in elastic scalability. In doing so, we’re agile in meeting computing and storage needs and can efficiently utilize resources with minimal waste. Through proactive planning, real-time monitoring and visibility of system vital signs, we are postured to maintain healthy systems.

We adhere to industry best practices to maximize compatibility with major vendor hardware and software, all while strictly adhering to all HIPAA and privacy regulations.

 About OnQ Operating Company

Headquartered in Houston, Texas and comprised of seasoned healthcare executives, OnQ helps clients manage their costs, processes and consistency of delivery.  By partnering with OnQ, physicians, billing companies, hospitals and payors can capitalize on billing expertise, take control of the revenue cycle, maximize reimbursements, and enjoy complete transparency of their business operations.  Learn more at www.onqoc.com, visit OnQ on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter @ONQOC.

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