Six Sigma Meets Business Intelligence / AHRA 2015

Room: Lando 4203/4204
Six Sigma Meets Business Intelligence
Presenter: Jack McBride – CEO, OnQ

Six Sigma is a problem-solving methodology that helps enhance business and organizational effectiveness. Having the right tools and knowing how to apply them will help produce accurate, acceptable, and reusable outcomes. Most leaders in healthcare will testify that the downward pressure on reimbursements has caused an increased focus on operational effectiveness, lowering costs and quantifying savings. Merging Six Sigma practices with the latest in BI technology enables business leaders to efficiently and effectively manage their revenue cycle like never before! The combination of these powerful tools provide operators exactly what they need to tightly control process variability (the root of all evil in a production environment) faster and more accurately than historically possible. Using the best BI tools in the industry allows for near real-time, web-based reporting that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Leaders are now able to enhance their decision-making ability with a crystal clear view of their operations using solid measurement-based strategies. Multiple streams of data can be leveraged with powerful collection and analytics technologies, allowing an improvement to the overall delivery of healthcare. In this ever-changing healthcare environment, everyone can benefit from process improvement, reduction in variability, and a standard of measurement to know how well you’re performing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Access fast, actionable information that will allow you to make better business decisions about your revenue cycle.
  • Implement processes that will prevent valuable data from falling through the cracks.
  • Tighten operations for more control over your revenue cycle and overall success.

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