Complimentary Webinar: What’s The Big Deal About Big Data?

By now you’ve probably heard the term and seen some buzz around the concept of “Big Data”, but do you know what it is and how it can impact your operation? Moving from an organization that makes decisions based on instinct and experience to a model that makes decisions based on data isn’t as simple as increasing your organization’s analytical capabilities. Simply having more data accomplishes nothing if that data isn’t used to make better, more fact-based decisions. This session will demonstrate how to extract meaningful data from multiple sources and leverage it to be a part of the solution to control spiraling healthcare costs.

Participants of this webinar will:
– Understand the concept of Big Data and why it matters to you
– Recognize analytical needs in your organization and begin to embrace the fact-based decision making mindset
– Identify next steps necessary to capitalize on data collection and the right analytics to spur growth and operate efficiently

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