We are pleased to announce that, effective January 4, 2021, ONQ has entered into a referral agreement with CompRecovery, Inc. (“CRI”) whereby ONQ will market and sell CRI’s worker’s compensation recovery services.

Managing workers’ compensation claims

Due to the complexities involved in filing and managing workers’ compensation claims, they frequently go unpaid.

These unpaid claims can add up to substantial dollars over time. That’s where CompRecovery comes in. CRI was formed specifically to meet the challenges associated with collecting workers’ compensation amounts
due to hospitals and providers.

As a Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) support company, ONQ’s clients deal with workers’ compensation claims.
This relationship with CRI will enable ONQ to provide, at no cost to our clients, a means to collect unpaid workers’ compensation claims that would otherwise have gone uncollected. Additionally, ONQ’s presence and reputation
in the marketplace, combined with our knowledge of RCM, provides the ideal platform for marketing
and selling to CRI’s target.

Jack McBride; excelent medical billing skills

“This relationship with CRI is yet another mechanism enabling ONQ to provide comprehensive RCM support solutions to the market,” says Jack McBride, CEO of ONQ. “As we strive to become a 1,000-person company that is the best in the Call Center and Automation Space by December 31, 2029, our relationship with CRI will help us to achieve this goal.”

Jack McBride, CEO of ONQ

For more information about CRI, please visit their website at comprecovery.com