OnQ Launches Robotic Process Automation Service for Healthcare

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OnQ, an industry-leading, healthcare RCM solutions company, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products and services. OnQ’s scalable RPA solutions significantly improve quality, create efficiencies, and simplify processes in medical billing. OnQ is leading the way in moving the industry forward by developing and deploying its RPA technology.

“We’ve broken new ground in applying robotic technology to the healthcare billing industry,” explains OnQ CEO Jack McBride. “OnQ’s scalable RPA is an exciting development that’s providing substantial benefits for both our clients and our employees. By automating repetitive tasks, we have greatly increased efficiency and freed up employees for more meaningful work. Our unique position enables us to rapidly develop, deploy, and scale RPA solutions that produce better results at a lower cost than outsourced labor.”

OnQ has been quick to adopt technologies to benefit its clients. Responding to positive initial automation performance and increased demand from clients, along with continued advancement in automation software, OnQ quickly boosted its development team to 15 and is executing a plan and infrastructure to add 60 more within the next 18 months.

To build the new automation platform, OnQ leveraged its expertise in revenue cycle management and its acumen in technology development. OnQ has successfully deployed RPA technology within its core business operations and now offers automation as a stand-alone service complementing call center and BPO.

Automated process capabilities include: reading and writing to databases; moving files and folders; scraping relevant data from the web; extracting content from documents; making calculations; and opening emails and attachments. These tasks are being applied to accounts receivable, denial management and payment posting with aggressive plans to continue automating the revenue cycle.

“OnQ’s new technology has been an excellent addition for our organization,” said Karen Thompson, Vice President of RCM for US Radiology Specialists, Inc. “Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has reduced our costs while also improving the quality of our results. OnQ’s programming team made the deployment so easy for us. It has been a long time since I have seen a technology implemented this quickly and with such a significant benefit. We’re excited to rapidly expand OnQ’s BOT technology throughout our revenue cycle process.”

OnQ’s RPA technology has proven to be reliable and scalable; and the initial results have prompted OnQ to continue investing in the technology for the benefit of its existing and future customers, as well as the industry.

OnQ Continues Growth with New Facilities and Expanded Operations

OnQ Continues Growth with New Facilities and Expanded Operations

Expanded facilities in Santiago, Panama to be operational by Spring 2018

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OnQ, an industry-leading healthcare labor outsourcing company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its patient services call center and healthcare billing support services in Santiago, Panama. One of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare labor outsourcing industry, OnQ has commenced construction to expand its second facility in Panama that will increase its capacity by 50 percent.

“The demand for our services has driven remarkable growth over the last year,” said Thomas Mathews, OnQ President. “OnQ is one of the fastest growing call center and labor outsourcing companies in the healthcare industry, and we’re delighted to be able to meet the needs of our existing clients and the market with this increased capacity.”

OnQ was founded in 2013 by former billing company executives inspired by their own experiences to build a premier healthcare labor company that is responsive, transparent and accessible. With call center operations located in near-shore Panama in the Central Time Zone, OnQ offers its US clients unmatched convenience, access and the ability to respond to client needs and inquiries in real-time.

OnQ’s track record of delivering results that exceed expectations has resulted in strong demand for its services from both existing clients and new customers. To meet this need, OnQ is building out new offices that will increase capacity by 50 percent. Operations in the new space are expected to come online in May 2018.

“We have established a strong presence in Santiago and have made a positive impact on the local community,” continued Mathews. “In addition to meeting the growing needs of the healthcare industry, our growth in Santiago will bring more benefits and opportunities to the community.”

OnQ offers global labor outsourcing, a patient services call center and ClearView, a proprietary software that provides clients with real-time insights into their operations. OnQ offers highly educated, bilingual billing associates who participate in continuing education, training and advancement opportunities through OnQ University, the first of its kind in the industry led by healthcare experts who offer classes in US healthcare developments and customer service skills.

OnQ Releases Results of Annual Client Survey


OnQ Releases Results of Annual Client Survey
Survey Garners Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback on OnQ’s Performance

Santiago, Panama  (November 15, 2016) – OnQ, the Santiago, Panama-based Contact Center and Labor Outsourcing provider, is pleased to announce the results of its annual client survey, which revealed that 90 percent of clients feel that OnQ is their most trusted global partner.  The annual client survey demonstrates one of OnQ’s six core values – Commitment to Quality.  OnQ uses the feedback and data from the Client Satisfaction Survey to drive improvements across the organization. The results show overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding OnQ’s customer service, training, technological support and team interactions.

Key results from the 2016 OnQ Client Survey include:
  • Referral percentage remains high: 100 percent of clients are likely to recommend OnQ.
  • 100 percent of respondents responded “positive” when asked about the interaction with associates assigned to their account.
  • More than 80 percent of OnQ’s current clients are planning a near-term account expansion.
  • 100 percent of survey responders agree that OnQ is very responsive to questions, requests or suggestions about their account.

“We are proud that our clients appreciate the level of service OnQ offers and recognize the value we are delivering,” said Tom Mathews, President of OnQ. “Client satisfaction and recognition as a valued and trusted partner to our customers ranks at the very top of importance at OnQ.  While the results of this most recent survey are positive, we will continue to innovate and improve wherever possible.”

About OnQ
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, OnQ offers comprehensive labor sourcing solutions to the healthcare industry highlighted by its patient services call center.OnQ provides an intelligent and cost-effective labor source, healthcare expertise and close proximity to the U.S. to help clients reduce costs and streamline business processes without sacrificing quality or consistency. OnQ’s Panama operation is managed onsite by U.S. healthcare executives and experts.  Learn more at www.onqoc.com, visit OnQ on LinkedIn, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

A Special Announcement from OnQ CEO Jack McBride

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Sean Hammerle to Vice President of Operations and Development. Sean has been with OnQ since its inception, and his experience, expertise and knowledge provide an invaluable resource to OnQ and to the employees and clients he serves.
Sean has been instrumental in growing the company and in providing exceptional guidance and leadership to our teams. He has played an integral role in expanding our community and business network within Panama, and he continues to expand OnQ’s path toward the future.
Sean has more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership and corporate coaching and parlays this to provide a unique perspective to operations management as well as talent acquisition and development at OnQ. Most recently, Sean developed OnQ University – a quarterly, credit-based continuing education program for all OnQ associates.
In Santiago and surrounding areas, OnQ is dubbed “the biggest family in Santigo” and that is thanks to Sean’s unwavering commitment to create an exceptional work environment for each and every one of our associates.
Please join us in congratulating Sean on this well-deserved promotion!
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