If you’re looking for ways to streamline your medical billing operation, then it’s time to take a look at robotic process automation (RPA).

With RPA, you can automate your organizations repetitive everyday medical billing tasks to free up your employees to focus on more meaningful and higher-value work.

If you were an employee would you rather look up MBI numbers on a Medicare website all day every day or use your RCM knowledge to help a patient or work a complex claim to resolution?

The answer is obvious … which is why RPA is good for the employee and good for the organization.

This simple example illustrates how automation increases employee satisfaction while delivering greater value to an organization.

At ONQ, we specialize in creating powerful RPA that work for your organization. Our RPA, or Qbots, act perform a variety of simple billing tasks reliably, constantly, and perfectly.

Qbots can work 24/7/365 and for all of the Qbots deployed to date customers have experienced a grand total of zero errors. Because we are automating components of the revenue cycle, the pre-production scrutiny and QA has to be next-level.

With ONQ RPA, you’ll enjoy a heightened level of quality in your healthcare medical billing cycle and process.

The team at ONQ takes the guesswork out of building the ideal Qbots for your Operation.

When you contact our team, our expert, in-house programmers are ready to help you get started with an evaluation to pinpoint which areas your operation are the best candidates for automation and which will yield the greatest benefit.

Our expert, in-house programmers then get started on design and build phase that will benefit your operation the most by developing custom automations for your medical billing needs that increase overall productivity while lowering costs. It’s a win-win.

The ONQ team is here to assist at every turn in your transition to world-class RPA including design, build, pre-production testing, launch, QA, support and monitoring services all designed to ensure success.

If you’d like to learn more about how RPA can benefit your practice, contact our team today!

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