When a company’s efficiency is improved with quality production and automation, there is an increase in employee morale, which increases efficiency, minimizes costs and increases quality production.  

RPA Technology can yield as much as two times improvement in collections and reduce denials by as much as


Client Situation

Outpatient Services is an imaging company consisting of independent diagnostic imaging centers across Georgia, US. Their focus is on providing answers and excellent service for patients and their physicians at a 60% lower cost than area hospitals. Outpatient Services has a network of centers across the state of Georgia that provides excellent care. Their emphasis is on results you can trust at a significantly lower price than other facilities. They are dedicated to improving the overall experience of care of their patients. They are also a billing company for other imaging providers and have built and operated their own proprietary RIS system. 

During the height of COVID, the company was seeking efficient and error-free ways of operating without adding the cost of more employees.  


  • Overworked workforce
  • Increased workload due to COVID

  • Lack of automated work processes for manual tasks

  • Client had a backlog of denials in processes with no existing bots.


  • There was no automation in place to handle the quantity of claims

  • Overworked Staff, not enough to handle the volume of claims

  • Employee morale began to deteriorate


ONQ developed a comprehensive revenue cycle transformation plan.

The objective was to bring improvement by addressing all issues and help the practice grow. Our team executed the following solutions:

  • ONQ developed a total of 11 Bots to handle the overflow of claims
  • The objective was to implement further automation to alleviate tasks that could be handled by bots so that employees could focus on tasks that required critical thinking and additional efforts to qualified staff members

  • As a direct result of ONQ’s Bot performance, they were able to reduce the FTE count by 1.5 FTE’s

  • Once ONQ implemented the new bots they processed over 700 denials and performed over 1000 credit reallocations that were all backed up.


OPS staff found their productivity had increased and overall morale has improved because they were able to refocus their attention on the parts of their job that required their medical billing expertise. For example, they could dedicate more time filing appeals, calling insurance companies and speaking with patients.

ONQ was able to assist OPS increase productivity while saving the cost
of increasing employees.

“ONQ has been a strong partner of ours for 2 years now, and our partnership has allowed our company to grow without having to add staff. – Jessica Kirchner, Revenue Department Manager.

Jessica Kirchner

Revenue Department Manager

“ONQ is very pleased to have happy clients like OPS utilizing our Qbots to improve efficiencies, reduce manual repetitive tasks and reduce costs. We look forward to continuing a strong relationship with OPS and Imagine in future projects. ”

Jack McBride, CEO


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