By implementing an “automated workforce” Medical Billing Companies can consolidate more claims and at the same time reduce the number of electronic denials and rejections.

Automating the basic repetitive tasks significantly increases revenue intake. ONQ’s team can help alleviate the main pain points where long implementation schedules are needed by either finding an automated solution or with other technological alternatives.

RPA Technology can yield as much as two times improvement in collections and reduce denials by as much as


Client Situation

MPP is a medical company focused on providing patient care with the most effective insurance claim processes.

The company’s revenue cycle systems and processes were affected due to an unexpected reduction in their workforce after the events of 2020 that eventually led to a substantial reduction in collections.


  • Lack of workforce vs the number of claims they were receiving. 

  • Lack of automated work processes for manual tasks


  • MPP had a team of Five FTE’s sending claims which required patient insurance information verification on two different websites. Processes included verifying claim activity, creating the claim and submitting it to the insurance company.

  • One FTE was able to do approximately ten claims in 1 hour, eighty in an 8-hour shift. The team of five FTE’s sent approximately 400 claims – 2,000 per week.


ONQ developed a comprehensive revenue cycle transformation plan.

The objective was to bring improvement by addressing all issues and help the practice grow. Our team executed the following solutions:


One FTE was able to do approximately ten claims in 1 hour, eighty in an 8-hour shift. The team of five FTE’s sent approximately 400 claims – 2,000 per week.


When ONQ’s Qbots were implemented, their claim submission went over 100X.


The Qbots for the MPP team began sending approximately 25,000 claims a day.


This increase of 175,000 claims a week when the production was high enough.


One bot is able to process 24 claims in 1 hour and 192 claims in 8 hours – bots were operating 24 hours.


In a 24-hour shift, one bot was able to process 576 claims.


MPP clients were waiting too long for reimbursement of insurance claims. Reducing the claim denials was a substantial benefit for MPP.

ONQ was able to identify systems to increase overall production, reduce FTE count and save a significant cost by implementing ONQ’s RPA.

“ONQ is a difference maker. Their use of technology is informed by deep and experiential understanding of medical billing. So, this is not mere back-office support, or automation. ONQ partners with clients for extraordinary outcomes, and they’re not afraid to jump into the fray with those clients to help them breakthrough and succeed. First class!”

Harve Platig

Medical Practice Partner

“ONQ is happy to have partnered with MPP and providing a solution that met and exceeded their expectations. ONQ’s RPA technology is able to help them accelerate growth, scale with new clients and submit claims in a timely basis so their clients get paid. We look forward to continuing this strong partnership with MPP in the years ahead.”

Jack McBride, CEO


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